Thursday, December 4, 2008


Hey everyone, I know, I know, I've ignored the blog too long... its been almost a month or so... I've just been SOOO BUSY! Work has been hectic, and the projects keep coming at me quicker than I can knock them out. Life at home isn't going too well either... But let me fill you in as best as I can:
I sold my ThinkPad about 3 weeks ago, and with the profit, I bought a really nice new one, at least, new to me. The x40 went for about $750, so I had enough for a slick new x60s: Centrino Duo, 2GB, 120GB. It's SWEET! I loaded Vista Ultimate, and it takes it like a champ. Then I loaded up all my apps and some VMs and I'm set.
I just finished a gig where I implemented a few remote offices to a central office location using 2810's running ATM with IMA bundles over T1's.
Oh, and did I mention that I'm going to be a daddy? Yep, by late June if all goes well.
I really need to make some extra cash for savings, so if anyone needs help with anything, email me, I can help you out with technical issues using CroosLoop.
So that's all I got for now, I'm really going to try hard this time to keep regular posts. I promise.
-Rick Estrada

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